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Interview with the young pianist Francesco Parrino

Francesco Parrino is a student from Parma (Italy), he's 20 and plays the piano. I was impressed by the way he works. In his songs there's something that always makes me feel different sensations, new
surprises, pats on my heart: I couldn't stop without understanding what's underneath.
So Francesco tells me what he loves most.
Music, obviously; past and future, classical and modern pianists. Present, by the way, seems beautiful but hard and music is struggling.

For two years, he's also part of EARTHIST, an alternative rock inspired band: the group wrote and released the first album Now. Here. Or Nowhere. in March 2013.
I found the space I was missing, I work with people who have my own tastes and we write our music together; we melt the different atmospheres of our lives.”

If you listen to one of Francesco's songs, you'll find yourself not only in front of the instrumental track: you will hear a real cover. You will fly into another dimension, touching the feeling the artist wants to transmit.

There are so many people who can play the piano, but the real skill of those who know how to stand out from the others consists in the ability to combine the soul to the sound. “When I play – he says – it's like the keys are extensions of my hands. After all these years, I understood is no longer just sit and play, but my body and music become one thing. Unless I'm playing something I don't like: in that case, I can feel what time is it.

Below Francesco's videos everyone can download Mp3s and piano scores for free: these sheets are written by Francesco only by ear. What strucks me most about him - I read it online - is that his greatest pleasure to listen to a song, capture every single note and then write it down to help many other people to play the songs they love.
Francesco tells me he was born with a funny luck called perfect pitch (the ability to identify a musical note, heard just once, without the aid of a sound reference). The thing he loves most, helping people, is the pure expression of music: generosity.

Francesco Parrino's channel lives outside of the Italian community: the universality of his works and the power of YouTube bring followers from all over the world achieving one more noble intent of music: to bring people together. What is his relationship with them? I answer questions and try to be helpful as soon as I can - he says.

I asked some community users to send questions for the interview: here are some of them.

Who or what did you bring to play the piano for the first time? (Anselmo Sangiovanni)
The first time I touched the piano (at the age of few months) my father was holding me in his arms: I think I liked it, because I started playing when I was 4.

How long did you study? How many instruments can you play? (Michele Checcheli Salaris)
I study since I was 5, through group lessons for childres, private lessons at school, three years of Conservatory and additional private lessons. I play the guitar and some drums when it happens.

What do you feel when you play? (Roberto De Marzi)
Time stops: I could be anywhere in the world and a bomb could explode on my head, but I think I wouldn't notice it at all. I enter my own world.

Do you think YouTube supports channels of people with your talent?
Yes, because everyone can see and hear anything in any part of the world and this is stimulating.

Would you like to give lessons? Which advice would you give to those who like to learn to play? (Marco Emanuele O'Boulter)
Sure! To those who want to learn I just say: keep on working, efforts will be payed.

Which feeling do you have when you listen to a song for the first time? What makes you decide to make a cover? (Cinzix Carnevale)
There are three types of songs: the one I don't like (and gets discarded), the one I fall in love with and the one that persuades me after many listenings. If the song is one of the last two types, you may listen to a cover out of it.

Which is your best cover? And which is the worst? (Marco Emanuele O'Boulter)
I let listeners judge.

Have you ever written any original song? (Matteo Grillo)
I composed several songs with lyrics (with my group) but also pieces for solo piano. In 2010 I recorded my first amateur album Night Planet. The eponymous song was (and still is) the soundtrack of the “World Sleep Day”, an annual international conference on Sleep Medicine.

What do you think about piano tutorial on YouTube? Have you ever thought of making one? (Andrea Cerasuolo)
Tutorials are pieces of gold for those who want to learn a song and cannot do it by ear: the biggest trouble, which starts a bad chain reaction, is when someone uploads a wrong tutorial! I made one tutorial in me whole life (on a “old” channel): “Aria” by Giovanni Allevi.

How did your “physical” relationship with your instrument develop? Do you feel it differently now? (Letizia Bosi)
Growing up, I realized that the piano and I became one entity: maybe because I learned how to use both hands and the
rest of the body in a correct way.

Which role should music have? (Cinzix Carnevale)
That role is subjective: according to me, I define “Music” as that moment when I'm listening to something/someone and I
get goosebumps.

Goosebumps is what I feel when I hear my favourite songs played by Francesco, a young boy and a passionate student with the intention of realizing his own idea of music. Despite of all the polemics about musicians and genres, tastes and technique, music is just what makes us excited.

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